Chat Rules

1.1 English only in main chat.

1.2 Spamming is not allowed(main chat and direct messages).

1.3 Swearing is not allowed(exception for non-offensive common usage).

1.4 Any offensive language is not allowed.

1.5 Political topics are not allowed.

1.6 Advertising/mentioning other servers is not allowed.

1.7 Constantly begging is not allowed.

Game Rules

2.1 Death Traps are not allowed.

2.2 Griefing is not allowed, regardless of whether the buildings are claimed or not. (including making claims to mess up other players' building area on purpose)

2.3 Inappropriate buildings/skins/names/etc. are not allowed.

2.4 Hacks(fly, killaura, speed, etc.), Macros(auto farming, auto fishing, etc.), or any other ways of unfair advantages(glitch abuse, xray, autoclicker, etc.) are not allowed.

2.5 All behaviors that significantly affect the running of the server are not allowed. (DDOS, Exploiting Bugs, Lagging the Server)

2.6 Stealing is not allowed.

2.7 Bypassing PvP restriction to kill other players without consent is not allowed.

Community Rules

3.1 Impersonating anyone else is not allowed.

3.2 Account selling or trading in-game items for in-real-life money is not allowed.

3.3 Scamming is not allowed.

3.4 Leaking unreleased content information is not allowed.

3.5 Each IP address is limited to 2 accounts(contact staffs for exception in case of having more players at the same location)

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